About Ryebrook Resin Flooring

Ryebrook Resins is located in Kent and brings many years of specialist knowledge and experience to the formulation and application of seamless floor and wall finishes.

Considerable expenditure on R & D maintains the company’s position at the forefront of developments in resin technology, resulting in their specification for floor and wall treatments at the premises of many international companies.

Developed over the past 27 years, the Ryebrook range contributes to the high-tech working environment demanded by modern industry, offering a solution to most requirements for abrasion resistant, hygienic, seamless floor and wall finishes in both new and existing buildings. Modifications to standard formulations will be gladly undertaken to meet specific requirements.

An initial survey and discussion identifies each client’s individual requirements. Full specifications and costings are submitted, and the whole operation, including surface preparation, is carried out professionally and expertly by Ryebrook’s directly employed labour force, thus providing the additional benefit of single source responsibility.

Ryebrook Resins is one of the first companies in the seamless flooring industry to receive certification under ISO 9001:2008 BS5750: Quality systems. All products have been tested in accordance with BS 6319: Testing of resin compositions for use in construction.

ryebrook_brochure-1 About Ryebrook Resin Flooring

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Ryebrook Resins are also approved applicators for:

• Altro
• Resdev
• Flowcrete
• Remmers
• Sika
• Ardex