Resin Floor Screeds – Hard Wearing Resin Flooring

Thin bed resin screed toppings are the modern hard wearing hygienic way to provide attractive finishes for concrete and sand and cement screeds.

Floor Screeding Solutions by Ryebrook

Fast track installation resin screeds can give a smooth or textured decorative finish that is suitable for heavy load and chemical resistant industrial applications or high end retail or office environments.

  • Ryeflor MD Public Resin Floor
  • Ryescreed Seamles Resin Flooring
  • Ryeflor HF Industrial Resin Floors
  • Ryescreed Seamles Resin Floors
  • Ryescreed Seamles Resin Floor
Ryeflor MD Public Resin Floor1 Ryescreed Seamles Resin Flooring2 Ryeflor HF Industrial Resin Floors 3 Ryescreed Seamles Resin Floors4 Ryescreed Seamles Resin Floor5

Featured Epoxy Resin Screed Project - Laban Dance Centre -

• New Build Sterling Award winner
• Off black floor creates an aesthetic impact
• Seamless Ryescreed laid to floors and walls in toilet, showers and changing rooms.
• Tough, robust finish to accommodate the usage of 350 students

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Featured Polyurethane Resin Screed Project - Chelsea College of Art & Design -

• Hard-wearing for heavy foot traffic
• Hygienic, practical, easy to clean and maintain
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Good anti slip properties

More on The Chelsea College of Art & Design case study…

Epoxy Resin Screeds

Epoxy resin screeds provide a heavy duty, chemical resistant, hard wearing floor surface. Epoxy screeds are ideal for wet and dry process industries where resistance to heavy traffic and light chemical attack are required. They cure rapidly, giving a heavy duty decorative floor finish with excellent abrasion resistance.

  • RYECRETE TZ Solvent free, resin rich, epoxy resin terrazzo screed. This floor is enhanced by grinding to expose the terrazzo aggregate in the resin giving a smooth, decorative, chemical resistant, hard wearing finish. Typical installations include prestige industrial areas such as pharmaceutical, retail, foyers and museums.

  • RYESCREED Solvent free epoxy floor screed for use in commercial and light industrial areas.

  • RYESCREED QUARTZ Decorative solvent free epoxy screed solution. Typically used in industrial and commercial sectors where a more decorative finish is required. Example are dry food preparation areas, pharmaceuticals, canteens, labs, and shower/toilet facilities.

  • RYEFLOW Solvent free self smoothing epoxy resin screed. Used in both commercial and industrial installations where a seamless, smooth, hygienic easily cleanable surface is required, such as storage areas, dry processing, engineering, laboratories etc.

  • RYEFLOW FLEC Solvent free self smoothing epoxy resin screed, incorporating a decorative speckled finish. Ideal for commercial installations with intense traffic such as shops and department stores, restaurants, garden centres, garages and airports.

  • RYEFLOW SAFECELL PLUS Solvent free self smoothing epoxy resin floor screed with a slightly textured finish to give a hard wearing seamless, anti-slip surface. This system was specially designed and approved by the Home Office for use in prisons and police cells.

  • RYEDEC An attractive, solvent free seamless floor and wall finish. The finish is a mottled mosaic effect with a slightly uneven slip resistance surface. Ryedec floor screed is typically used in areas requiring an easily cleaned, attractive, heavy duty finish such as toilets, laboratories, hospitals, receptions areas and kitchens.

  • RYEGRIP A collective name for a multi-layered solvent free epoxy resin system. Incorporating abrasive aggregates between layers of resin to provide additional slip-resistance, combined with good abrasion and chemical resistance.
  • Polyurethane Resin Screeds

    Ideal for the food industry, 3 pack fast curing water based polyurethane screed can give a smooth or textured matt finish to suit the installation requirements.

    Polyurethane Screed Application

    Polyurethane floor screeds are typically applied at a thickness of 4mm – 9mm, providing excellent resistance to abrasion, heat and chemical attack and other physical aggression.

    Polyurethane screed systems are used to enhance the physical properties of cement-based floor screeds and repair compounds, improving the strength. Floors can be levelled or gradients easily formed. Polyurethane Screeds have a high bond capacity, which then allows for the screed to be overcoated with a thin seamless resin system. Polyurethane floor screeds are typically applied at a thickness of 6mm - 9mm, providing excellent resistance to abrasion, heat and chemical attack and other physical aggression.

  • RYETHANE 2-3mm Solvent free self smoothing polyurethane floor screed. Used in both industrial and commercial installations where a seamless, smooth, flexible finish is required.

  • RYEFLOR TZ Water dispersed polyurethane resin terrazzo. This screed is laid with exposed aggregate to give a decorative, highly chemical resistant, hard wearing flooring finish in pharmaceutical, retail and concourse installations.

  • RYEFLOR HF Water dispersed polyurethane resin heavy duty screed used in food and drink manufacture where a anti slip, chemical resistant hygienic finish is required. At a thickness of 9mm this product has good resistance to steam cleaning.

  • RYEFLOR RT Water dispersed polyurethane resin heavy duty screed. The surface of this product has a sealed, textured, hygienic finish that is used extensively in food production and commercial kitchen environments.

  • RYEFLOR MD Water dispersed self-smoothing polyurethane screed. Used in flooring installations where a seamless, smooth, hygienic, easily cleanable matt surface is required.

  • RYEFLOR SL Water dispersed self-smoothing polyurethane that provides medium duty wear. Ideally used where a smooth, seamless, hygienic easily cleanable matt finish is required, whilst providing an excellent resistance to abrasion, chemical and physical aggression.
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