Anti-Static Resin Flooring For The Electronic Industry

Hi-tech, seamless, anti-static resin floor finishes.
Ryebrook provide high performance, anti-static resin floor finishes to BS 2050 standards which meet the needs of the electronics industry.

Along with the heavy wearing and chemical resistant flooring properties, essential for any operation where electronic equipment is manufactured, tested, handled or repaired.

Installing a floor with anti-static properties disperses any electrical charge safely to earth. Preventing the accumulation of static electricity, and thus potential ignition of flammable vapours, unexpected electric shock to employees, and damage to electronic circuits and false readings on sensitive instruments.

  • Industrial Resin Floor Ryecoat
  • Industrial Resin Floors Ryeflow
  • Industrial Resin Flooring Ryetech

Featured Industrial Resin Flooring Project – Alteon

• Anti-static to BS2050
• Dust free
• Hard wearing
• Slip resistant
• Seamless
• Chemical resistant

More on the Alteon Training seamless resin floor case study...

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Satisfied Clients

• LG Electronics
• CAE Electronics
• Cirrus Laser
• A & M Hearing Aids
• Thales, Crawley
• Tru-Lon Printed Circuits
• Alteon Training