Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Resin Flooring

Hygienic, seamless, antimicrobial flooring finishes.

Ryebrook provide seamless floor and wall finishes designed specifically for laboratories production, clinically controlled clean rooms, and processing areas within the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Flooring solutions suitable for the pharmaceutical industry contain anti microbial agents which inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi and mildew.

  • Industrial Resin Floor Ryecrete TZ
  • Industrial Resin Floors Ryecrete TZ
  • Industrial Resin Flooring Ryecrete TZ

• Hygienic
• Seamless
• Chemical resistant
• Dust free
• Easy clean
• Hard wearing
• Anti-slip

Recommended Products

Ryecrete TZ
Ryeflor TZ
Ryeflor HF
Ryeflor MD

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Satisfied Clients

• Glaxo SmithKline
• Pfizer
• Boehringer Ingleheim

• Hampshire Cosmetics
• Whitman Laboratories
• Johnson & Johnson
• Merick, Sharpe & Dohme, Hoddesdon
• Body Shop
• Varian Medical