Resin Flooring in Military Facilities

Seamless high performance chemical resistant anti-slip floor finishes designed to withstand the wear and tear of the armed services.

  • Public Resin Floor Ryecoat
  • Public Resin Flooring Ryeflow
  • Public Resin Floors Ryegrip
  • Public Resin Floor Ryeflow

Featured Screed Floor Project – Defence Munitions, Gosport

• Withstand heavy loads (artillery and missiles)
• Safe, Anti-slip
• Damp proof
• Clear, bold coloured floor markings

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Satisfied Clients

• Defence Munitions, Gosport • Dara Fleetlands • RAF Andover • Arborfield Camp
• RAF Marham • RAF Wattisham • Logistic Depot, Bicester • RAF Lyneham • AWE Aldermaston
• RAF Middle Wallop • RAF Halton • Longmoor Camp, Hampshire • Brunswick, Barracks, Hampshire