Resin Floors in Health Service Facilities

Anti microbial agents inhibiting growth of bacteria, fungi and mildew provide seamless floor and wall finishes designed specifically for the health care sector.

  • Public Resin Floor Ryecrete TZ
  • Public Resin Floor Ryeflor HF
  • Public Resin Flooring
  • Public Resin Floors Ryeflor HF
  • Public Resin Floors Ryeflow
  • Public Resin Flooring Ryeflor HF

Featured Resin Floor Project – NHS Trust Hospital, Plymouth

• High standard of hygiene
• Seamless
• Chemical resistant
• Easy clean
• Solvent free
• Resist penetration from objects and heavy equipment

“The resin floor in Theatre Ten has been a considerable success. We will certainly consider using it again in other locations”.

More on NHS Trust Hospital, Plymouth floor case study…

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Satisfied Clients

• Guys Hospital
• NHS Trust Hospital Plymouth
• St. Mary’s Newport IOW
• St George’s Hospital, Tooting
• St Peter’s Hospital, Chertsey
• Good Hope Hospital, Sutton Cold Field
• North Tyneside Hospital
• Northampton General Hospital
• Conquest Hospital, Hastings
• Milton Keynes Mortuary
• Royal College of Surgeons
• Royal Devon & Exeter
• John Radcliffe Hospital